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September 18th, 2018
You can access the Web Preview from the feedback pane

You can access the Web Preview from the feedback pane

One of the great features included for free in the Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress is the ability to preview your content on various social media and search platforms around the internet. Using this feature, you’ll be able to instantly determine what your site will look like on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. That way, when a user searches for your website on a popular search engine, or shares your content on their favourite social network, you’ll be able to know what exactly the content will look like, and make adjustments in Elevate.

To access this in Elevate, simple click the “Web Preview” button, which will open up an overlay showing all the various social media platforms. You can then cycle between them.

An example of the web preview widget, showing what the content will look like on Twitter

An example of the web preview widget, showing what the content will look like on Twitter

Once the overlay is open, you can view the various different forms of your website by clicking the associated social media icons on the top. For example, to view how your content will look when shared on Facebook, simply click the Facebook button.

If for some reason you aren’t entirely happy with how the content looks around the web, simple close the overlay and continue to edit your content in WordPress. You can easily change the title for social media and search purposes, as well as the description that’s shared. By adjusting the WordPress featured image you can also set the image you would like used when your content is shared.

Even though other search plugins for WordPress have this as a paid feature, we’ve purposefully included it for free for everyone. That way you’ll always be able to understand how your content will look around the web, and can easily adjust it in real-time before hitting publish.

For more information about Elevate, or to download a free copy today, please visit the main Elevate SEO page or the hosted free version on wordpress.org.

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