Elevate 1.1: Improved Performance & SEO Dashboard + WooCommerce Integration

October 8th, 2018

We’re pleased to finally present Elevate 1.1 for WordPress.  Elevate is a relatively new SEO (search engine optimization) and performance enhancement plugin for WordPress.  You can easily substitute it for your existing your SEO plugin in WordPress and immediately reap the benefits of its many new features.

Improved Performance + SEO Dashboard

One of the biggest changes with this version is the highly revamped dashboard. In the new dashboard, you can see your daily organic traffic results (from search console), current crawl errors, page speed history, as well as how many visitors and page views you’ve received over the past week.  This amalgamates data from multiple locations in one convenient location, simplifying the process of tracking these on a daily or weekly basis.

The dashboard will also show you in which direction each of the key metrics has moved, so you can easily see if your site is doing better or worse compared to the previous week.

Elevate Performance and SEO Dashboard
Elevate Performance and SEO Dashboard

A lot of work went into this new dashboard, and we have short-term plans to add even more useful data here shortly. One of the benefits of processing the search console data locally is it allows you to start doing interesting things, like cross-referencing it with post information to come up with a ‘plan of attack’ for improvements and changes.

We’ve always had performance monitoring and enhancement as part of the Elevate plan, since website speed is now an important metric in SEO ranking. This will be even more true as Google migrates to its mobile-first index.  The speed of your website is beginning to become a key signal in Google’s search algorithms, so part of a good SEO strategy is also making sure your website is responsive (as in fast). So if you’ve been ignoring the speed of your website, now is the time to start monitoring and addressing it.  During the configuration wizard for Elevate, several speed issues are automatically corrected, so many people  should notice a speed increase immediately after completing the initial configuration.


We made a few changes in the previous release related to WooCommerce, and so far the feedback has been great.  Based on that, we made a few small changes to this release, namely around setting SEO information for the primary store page in WooCommerce.


Elevate makes use of several Google APIs to access your site data.  If you installed it previously, you would have been asked to authenticate with Google to give Elevate access to your site data.  We purposefully kept the level of access small, essentially only what we required at the time.  

Since version 1.1 of Elevate now accesses additional Google APIs to gather more data, you will have to re-authenticate with Google.  You can do this by by visiting the ‘Search’ sidebar menu and then de-authenticating and re-authenticating.

The setting to remove authentication – once removed, this will be replaced by a button to re-authenticate

Once that’s done, all your data should work as before. If you ever want to refresh the dashboard statistics completely, you can use the top-level menu item in the admin bar to ‘Refresh Statistics’.


If you haven’t tried Elevate yet, we encourage you to downloading a copy of signing up below to receive instructions in your inbox to install it – it’s completely free, and also hosted in the free WordPress.org repository under the name “Elevate SEO”.  Right now, it can easily replace any of the popular search engine optimization plugins for WordPress, and we have an aggressive multi-month roadmap planning out of new features that take Elevate in directions that other plugins haven’t gone yet.

So enjoy the new updates in Elevate 1.1, and stay tuned for even more great features, coming shortly.  If you’re new to Elevate, you can receive instructions to install it via the main Elevate SEO for WordPress page, or add “Elevate SEO” from the WordPress admin.

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