Lindell Media Inc. releases Elevate SEO, a powerful search engine and performance optimization add-on for WordPress

October 16th, 2018

Vancouver, Canada – October 16, 2018 – Lindell Media Inc., a Canadian web design and development company, is pleased to announce the release of Elevate SEO, a new search and performance optimization add-on that helps WordPress website owners improve the search and social media exposure of their websites. Search engines such as Google now use many cues to help determine how to rank websites in search results, one of which is how fast a website responds when a user tries to visit it. By combining both search engine optimization and performance improvements in one product offering, Elevate SEO is able to help boost website rankings by seamlessly improving both.

Lindell Media’s CEO, Duane Storey, describes Elevate’s unique niche in the SEO space for WordPress, “current search engine optimization offerings for WordPress mostly cater to people who already understand search engine optimization from a low-level technical perspective – what Elevate aims to do is to make search engine optimization accessible for small to medium sized business owners, many of which rely on their websites to generate revenue, but don’t necessarily understand the technical techniques and concrete steps required to improve their search rankings or website performance. Elevate SEO handles many of these complicated tasks, such as increasing a website’s speed, automatically, and makes the remainder easy to understand for everyone.”

WordPress is an popular open-source website engine, currently powering approximately 32% of the entire world wide web. Elevate SEO is available today as a free add-on for WordPress at, and can easily be installed by any WordPress website owner in just a few minutes.

In addition to continued development on Elevate SEO for the WordPress market, Lindell Media Inc. will be releasing a premium SEO-focused software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering next quarter catered specifically to business owners who require regular ongoing assistance with search engine optimization and website performance improvements.

About Lindell Media Inc.:

Lindell Media Inc. is a Canadian web design and development company located near Vancouver, Canada. It’s management team has helped deliver web projects for Roger’s Communications Inc., Vision Critical, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, musician Matthew Good, TicketFly, and more. It’s CEO, Duane Storey, previously helped co-create two successful commercial add-ons for WordPress, including WPtouch (currently downloaded over 11 million times), voted the #1 plugin for all of WordPress by users prior to WordCamp San Francisco in 2009. WPtouch was acquired by SureSwift Capital Inc. in 2016.

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