Elevate SEO: Now with Breadcrumbs and WooCommerce Support

September 28th, 2018

We’re happy to announce version 1.0.7 for Elevate SEO. In terms of features, here is a list of the new ones.

First, we’ve added some structured data in a few places. Structured data is data that the average visitor can’t see, but Google and other search engines can see. We’ve added Breadcrumbs for WordPress Pages, which means Google will have a proper understanding of the layout of your site. For example, if you have a home page, and a user can get to a ‘Knowledge Base’ page, and from there ‘How to setup your site’, under the hood Google will now understand that the layout is ‘Home => Knowledge Base => How to setup your site’. While it’s not guaranteed, Google will often start showing the full Breadcrumb links, helping attract even more attention to your website.

Elevate now supports WooCommerce

Elevate now supports WooCommerce

We’ve also added support for WordPress taxonomy pages, which includes custom taxonomies like those in WooCommerce. While you could previously use Elevate to help configure WooCommerce product pages, you can now use it to configure Category pages as well. This will help WooCommerce site owners drive traffic towards particular groups of products that are references by the same category page.

If you are using Elevate with a content delivery network, Elevate now provides the ability to ‘cache bust’ those images. Normally images on a CDN are stored for a full month or longer, so if you change an image in your post without changing the file name, you won’t see the new image unless you forcibly login into your CDN and empty the cache. With version 1.0.7, Elevate will append a version to each file, i.e. my-file.com?v=1234. As long as your cache respects file versioning like that (most do, or can easily be configured to), you can choose quickly flush the entire cache in Elevate by using the menu option. Under the hood Elevate simply increments the version number, which causes the CDN to reload all the images.

Also, today we received a really great review from TidyRepo.com, which reviews higher-quality WordPress plugins:

“Elevate SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin that helps you follow the best practices of search engine optimization. It is a great search engine optimization tool you can use to manage your WordPress SEO and it can definitely fight against much more popular solutions like WordPress SEO by Yoast…. Elevate SEO is an amazing alternative to popular SEO plugins, and for those who want slick and simple SEO plugin.”

You can read the full Elevate review here.

We’re still working on version 1.1, which will be a big change including lots of pretty graphs and a much better dashboard layout. Expect that out sometime next week. It’s a pretty involved changed, and I’m hoping at that point Elevate SEO is more easily differentiated from the current SEO offerings.

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