Nowadays, it’s important to make sure your WordPress content can easily be shared on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. On a normal WordPress installation, special efforts need to be taken to ensure that your content is optimized for sharing on these websites.

If you use the Elevate for WordPress plugin, it will output special meta information (OpenGraph and Twitter tags) on each page that social media websites can read. These tags instruct the social media websites which image to use for that particular content, the size of the image, and which title and description you like to use.

Once Elevate is installed, you can simply set a featured image for each post or post, and Elevate will use that on social media websites. If you want to adjust the Title and Description, you can do that as well by editing the search titles and descriptions in the WordPress editor.

An example of the web preview widget, showing what the content will look like on Twitter

An example of the web preview widget, showing what the content will look like on Twitter

When you are finished both of these tasks, you can use the built in social media preview widget within Elevate to preview what your content will look like when shared – by cycling through the tabs, you can see what your content will look like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Search.

An example of a 'large' card on Twitter

An example of a ‘large’ card on Twitter

You also can configure the look and feel of the output on various social media sites like Twitter. For example, you can choose if you want a small image to show to the left of the content when shared, or a larger one that appears above your post title when shared.

You also have the ability to configure your Twitter account within Elevate. This will ensure all your content shared on Twitter will properly reference your Twitter account, and will help drive traffic to your brand as well.

For the most part, if you want to have your website look great when people share your content, you can simply install the Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress and let it do most of the hard work for you. Just make sure to set a featured image on your post content and verify if the title and description are to you liking, and Elevate will do the rest.

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