In a normal WordPress installation, the title of your post or page will be read by Google and used as an indicator to help determine which words are relevant for your article for search purposes. Historically, this information, the Title Tag has been one of the most important aspects for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

The problem is, writing a good title tag for Google isn’t always the same as writing a good title for your visitors. For example, the title of this post is “How to Modify Search Titles and Descriptions”, which is accurate, but for Google purposes it would be advantageous to have either the word “WordPress” or “Elevate” in the description as well.

We can simply modify the title field in WordPress, which would change both, but then the WordPress title would seem a bit long and drawn out, when really what we want to do is just have Google see the different title.

To modify this search information on a post or page basis, simply scroll to the bottom of the content editor in WordPress. If you are using the Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress, you will see the Elevate meta box where you can adjust this information.

Modifying Title tags in Elevate for WordPressa

Modifying Title tags in Elevate for WordPress

By default, Elevate will show the current search title (which is based on the post title), and also, if the ‘Intelligently fill empty meta description’ setting which Elevate is enabled, a default meta description will also be present.

You can simply modify these fields to change what Google sees for the page title and description. Using this, it’s possible to have catchy titles for your visitors within WordPress, but also have additional information that Google and other search engines (like Bing) will use to help rank your website.

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