Automatic configuration of essential web services

Creation and submission of a Google XML sitemap to Google

Real-time visualization of your site visitors and search traffic

Writing feedback to help you write SEO-friendly content

Automatically adds images and descriptions when shared on social media

Easily edit SEO title information for each post

Quickly identify and fix 404 (page not found) errors

Real-time preview of how your content will look when shared

All Your Data In One Place

Elevate also talks directly with Google and shows useful performance metrics for mobile and desktop versions of your website, directly on the Elevate dashboard. You will be able to monitor, in real-time, just how fast your website is, how many visitors you received, how many people found your website via search, and more.

As you make changes to your website and create new content, you'll be able to easily monitor how this effects traffic and search results.

Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress, Dashboard view

"I recently moved from Yoast to Elevate and I can’t begin to share how much easier the interface with Elevate is."

Create Custom Titles

You can quickly modify the title and descriptions that Google and other search engines see when they crawl the content on your site.

Set a catchy title in WordPress to appeal to visitors on your website, and create keyword rich titles and descriptions using Elevate to help drive traffic to your site who find your site via search engines like Google or Bing.

Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress, Configuration Wizard

What People Are Saying:

  • Tris Hussey

    Tris Hussey

    WordPress Enthusiast

    "Elevate has simplified SEO for the majority of users to something that you can do once and never have to worry about again."

  • Tony Dehnke

    Tony Dehnke

    Serial Entrepreneur

    "I’ve used other SEO plugins on WordPress before, but never really been happy with them. Elevate is much simpler to use, and doesn’t leave me wondering if things are setup correctly."

  • Curtis Mchale

    Curtis Mchale

    WordPress Developer and Author

    "[..] oh man the setup alone is amazing. You’re not bogged down with options and things that get in your way. Just an easy to use plugin for your SEO needs."

  • Rebecca Coleman

    Marc Smith

    Solo Adult Soft Adventure

    "I recently moved from Yoast to Elevate and I can’t begin to share how much easier the interface with Elevate is... Elevate [..] was simple to install and set up. "

  • Rebecca Coleman

    Rebecca Coleman

    Social Media Marketing Instructor

    "I’m liking it a lot so far. I just disabled Yoast in favour of this one."

  • Dave Olson

    Dave Olson

    International Storyteller

    "Elevate SEO streamlines optimization so creators can concentrate on producing quality content rather than fiddling with seemingly endless settings, options, work arounds and hacks. The set-up is non-intimidating and pleasantly smart and efficient. "

Sharing Is Caring

Elevate automatically modifies your webpage HTML to add information that social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn use to help make your website beautiful when sharing: it will ensure an image is associated with your post and also help format your content when it is shared via social media.

Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress, Social media preview functionality

Automatic Configuration

Elevate's automatic configuration wizard walks you through all the necessary steps to properly configure your website, and will even intelligently set-up your website with various critical services such as Google Search Console, and Analytics.

It will verify ownership of your site when necessary, create an XML Sitemap for your entire website, and automatically submit it to Google to ensure Google knows about every page on your website that it should index.

Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress, Configuration Wizard

Live Preview

With a single click you will be able to see how your web content will look in search results and on popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can make adjustments prior to publishing content to ensure your website looks great when someone else shares it.

Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress, Social media preview functionality

Made For Speed

You can have the best content there is, but if your website is slow you likely won't rank well on search engines. That's why Elevate will fix common server issues automatically to help ensure your website is as fast as possible.

Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress, Fixing Apache

"I’m liking it a lot so far. I just disabled Yoast in favour of this one."

The Future, Today

WordPress will soon incorporate Gutenberg, the enhanced editor for WordPress that allows for the easy creation and manipulation of content. This is a great, foward-thinking change for WordPress, and promises to deliver new opportunities for the future WordPress.

Elevate supports Gutenberg right now, and integrates tightly into the Gutenberg toolbar area. The same post information can be edited in both the Gutenberg and Classic Editors, so you will be able to manage you content with both editors going forward.

Elevate SEO plugin for WordPress, Gutenberg

"Elevate has simplified SEO for the majority of users to something that you can do once and never have to worry about again."

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  • WordPress

    Version 4.8+

  • Apache or Nginx

    With database

  • PHP

    Version 7.0+

Included features

  • Intelligent configuration wizard that intelligently sets up your website around the Internet
  • Automatic generation and submission of a site-wide XML Sitemap
  • Integration with popular search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Automatic creation of a Google Analytics profile for each website
  • Automatic integration of Google Analytics tracking code - no more messing with cutting and pasting
  • Can dynamically import data from other search engine plugins for WordPress
  • Easy authentication with Google via OAuth2
  • Automatic generation of an improved robots.txt file for search engines
  • Ability to integrate with custom Facebook applications
  • Granular adjustments of options for display on networks such as Twitter
  • Ability to set a site-wide image to represent your website on social media - this can be adjusted dynamically based on an administrative web policy or per-post settings
  • Automatic insertion of Open Graph and other social tags to improve the look of your website around the web
  • Real-time preview of content and how it will look on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Integration with Google Page Speed
  • Automatic site verification on Google Search Console
  • Ongoing display of weekly search results in the administration panel
  • Display of site-wide Google errors that need fixing
  • Per-post and per-page adjustments for search titles, descriptions, content language, canonical URLs, and index status
  • Automatic structured content, including Breadcrumbs, Article, etc.

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